Xbox Kinect Will Cost You Less Than Expected

xbox kinect2 300x93 Xbox Kinect Will Cost You Less Than Expected

Have you already pre-ordered Kinect at $150 via Amazon, Gamestop or Wal-mart, then let me remind you again of the warning that the retailers gave you then. Every retailer provided a note confirming that the price was not yet official and was subject to change, and it has indeed. Now no more you will get a Kinect at $ 150 but a much lesser price than that.

Earlier this very month, Microsoft formally announced the Kinect motion control system for the Xbox 360 but the company has still refused to give a concrete price on the system. Following this, retailers like Amazon, Gamestop and Wal-Mart all made the system available for pre-order at $150. The system apparently got more official pricing when the Microsoft Store put the system up for sale at $150 also. However, no word was then provided by Microsoft on its pricing yet.

But now something comes in light. Xbox Evolved is posted a latest rumor this week, quoting a Microsoft representative who has said the Kinect will actually sell for $120 USD. The site quoted, “A Microsoft representative told the employees of a Texas Gamestop that Kinect would be $119.”

Though there is no confirmation of the speculation being true, but a $120 price point would certainly bring more on-the-fence consumers into the mix for sure. Stephen Toulouse, Director of Policy Enforcement for Xbox LIVE, made it clear, however, that the pricing was still not live: “Guys I have nothing to do with Kinect Pricing. All prices now, no matter what the retail source are placeholders. We’ve not announced.” ┬áBut rumors to a percentage have always proved themselves to be true. So how about this one?

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